Heart beat ♥

Not 'his' anymore

i love so much okay.i swear.
you're the only one in my heart.
i love every part of you.
i thought i want to keep you forever and ever with me.
but things change.
i will never get the old you back.
our relationship seems so tough for us.
its really hard for me to let you go.
i never thought of doing this.
i swear i truly love you.
but i want to see the smile on your face.
i really miss your smile.
i miss your voice.
god has arranged everything for us.
i don't want to let you go.seriously.
i just want you to enjoy your life
i just hope that you will live happily with the one you love.
bcoz i know i'm not the best for you.
*but let me keep you in my heart forever.
*hopefully i will not fall in love with anyone else anymore .
*can i keep staring at your face everyday ?

*This is dedicate to you ,MKA♥