Heart beat ♥

-For You-

  know that you'll never read this and I don't even care ,
But I think I have to express exactly how I feel ,
 I don't care if you reject me, ignore me, and forget all about me . 
I just have to tell you before it's too late .
 I been taking forever because you hurt me and deserted me . 
It's not a big deal at all...to you .
 I can find someone else easily. But the thing is, I really don't want to .
 I don't understand what happened between us 
Maybe it's because you found someone better than me ... 
You just don't realize how much that hurt me 
Honestly , I want to forget about you, but that's my problem. I can't :( 
You are never gave me a real apology, you just cared about yourself and left me there to figure it all out. 
And now I have: 
*You got sick of me 
*Found someone better than me 
*Dumped me,
*Dated her, 
*Ignored me, 
*Befriended me, 
*and now you've forgotten about me.